planet kuinkuu


Welcome to the Planet Kuinkuu.
It is a place beyond the dreams where these creatures,
the big one with the hat
and the little one wearing polka dots are living in.

In Planet Kuinkuu the air can be light blue or sweet yellow.
The trees are soft as marshmallows and the clouds are light as bubble gum.
Sometimes it rains and the rain sounds: drip drop…drip drop……drip…drop…

The big one with the hat is a daydreamer, a philosopher.
Why there are dreams?
How can you reach them?
Is the storm coming soon?
And what happens when the silence comes?
If you have a question, go to him.
He knows all the answers.

These patterns are featuring The Story of ROO SS17,
all coming soon as clothing for kids or as fabric.

the story of ROO

New year, new start, new patterns!

It has been too quiet here for too long so let this year be a fresh start for me to update this blog and show you things I`ve made.
ROO For Kids  is the latest project I have been involved in.
It is a new brand focusing on fabrics and clothing for kids.
Together with Maija, the founder of ROO, we have created a dreamy serie of fabrics for sewing.
There is also a clothes collection which is yet to come later this spring.

This first season of The Story of Roo is based on a fairy tale written by talented storyteller Maija.
It is about dreams and a dream world, Kuinkuu. In these patterns I have been working with different techniques such as painting with gouache and ink, drawing and collage. I always make my patterns by hand at first and after scanning the originals I continue playing with them with my computer.

August, two months old, sleeping on a Curious Cumulus-jersey.


robotti – a robot

transformerrobottiraporttimallivärejärobothe newest pattern i`ve been working with is inspired by a cool old robot toy i found from the flea market.
this time i wanted to make a simple and reversible pattern in two colours.
robot is on its way to be a fabric in four different background colors: light blue, pink, black and white.

kuokkavieraat – the uninvited guests


Say hi to uninvited quests who wants to join the party!
These fellows (the cat in a zebra-costume, the bird who wants to be a bunny and the bear who 
didn`t have anything else to wear than a bear-costume) are meeting their friends from my recent pattern Hattarakekkerit – the Cotton candy parties.
This pattern is available as tricot fabric in two colours: green and red, as well as a small part of multi-colored version. First part of these fabrics has already been sold out, but there is more to come this summer at Viljamin puoti. I`ll let you know!

sateentekijä – the rain maker

This is my latest illustration and pattern Sateentekijä – The rain maker:
sateentekijäjuliste musta


sateentekijä viljamin puoti

…and this is how the pattern looks like as a tricot:
sateentekijä viljamin puoti sateentekijä viljamin puoti
The rainmaker is already available at Viljamin puoti as tricot fabric both with orange and grey background, as black and orange prints size 50x70cm, as post cards and as wooden rainmaker-bear-buttons.

new fabrics

2013-07-26 005

2013-07-26 007

2013-07-26 011

2013-07-26 003

the fabrics of my new pattern hattarakekkerit have finally arrived and i got myself some juicy samples to play with. there are two colors in these ones, pink and mint green both as tricot and cotton.
i might just make some new sheets for Astrid!
my older pattern pandat got itself a new look as cotton fabric, only this time the print is a lot bigger, a bit more simple and the pandas are walking all in the same direction.
all these are already available at Viljamin puoti, of course!